A genuine
Parisian cuisine

The result is a genuine Parisian cuisine with local products and exotic seasonings, a bold cuisine with generosity which respects meat flavours, sometimes changes them by smoking or salting the meat. He organises the dish in a classical spirit: meat, accompaniment and sauce. Appropriate cooking, essential textures, clear and distinctive flavours.
Nicolas makes from scratch all meat products such asfoie gras terrine and other meat preparations. He marinates a steak for 5 days, he fries it over a high heat to enhance meat juices and then he serves it with a parsley emulsion, young leaks seasoned with preserved lemon and olive oil. He smokes beef ribs for 72 hours, cooks them over low heat and serves them with his barbecue sauce. He fries Polish rib steak which melts in the mouth and fills the palate with nice flavours of chive juice, creamed potatoes, green asparagus and a cloud of chopped parsley.
He allowed himself to make land and sea mixes such as beef sweetbread fricassée enriched with parmesan emulsion and emphasised with eggplant caviar. He also plays with beef pastrami accompanied with hummus, cilantro emulsion, oregano and turmeric bread. Boldness in accompaniments and meat like you have never tasted before.


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