The chef, Nicolas Gaulandeau

Gangly silhouette, a smile on his face, Nicolas Gaulandeau is not unknown in the world of high-quality bistronomy. He worked at Laurent’s restaurant with Braun and Bessoudo, at Apicius, more recently at Le Petit Champerret, but he is from Tours. When he was a child he used to spend his holidays in Guétary. He was born in a family of epicureans who grew truffles in a region particularly suitable for this tuber.
His parents were pioneers, they replanted truffles where people were killed and crops destroyed in WWI, the air was unbreathable in town. Truffle-growing was a hobby for men in past centuries, now it comes back and a mother passionate about cooking can pass on to her son the taste and knowledge of truffles.
This is where his cuisine comes from, from rich flavours, kitchen memories from Basque Country and from his everyday life in Tours. From age 10, Nicolas knew he wanted to become a cook and after graduating with a technical degree a long with having rich experiences, he became a cook.


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