Laurent Carpentier and Philip Gaskiewicz are mad about meat !

They not only love life but they also know how to live life. They are curious with an insatiable taste for adventure and emotions and they met years ago in Rungis. Straight out of the 2017 version of ” Le ventre de Paris ” (a book written by Emile Zola), they love markets, suppliers, flavours and stories. This is a parallel world they have been diving in for a long time and where they even created an excellency meat shop.
French animals undoubtedly raised by organic farmers who represent their network of suppliers which is constantly renewed, but there are also Angus beef from Ireland, Simmental from Austria, PGI lamb and Welsh saltbush lamb. The two partners search for every good product. Philip is of Polish origin, he travels across France where the meat market is insufficient, but also across Poland, Lithuania and Estonia where the cattle is well raised, respected and their meat is delicious. As it relates to quality, they are particularly careful to work only with certified slaughterhouses as well as cutting plants they supervise themselves, modern workshops which apply European Regulations and norms. Meat inspection is very rigorous, they appraise organoleptic qualities and ethical standards to guarantee the excellency of the meat.
They both want to guarantee quality suppliers to offer all types of meat, almost all meat pieces and to give the chef the means to cook them well. The dishes have the same requirements as a gourmet menu for a bistro dish, but at a reasonable price.


The Butchers, Laurent Carpentier The Butchers, viandes maturées The Butchers, viandes maturées The Butchers, Laurent CARPENTIER et Philip GASKIEWICZ The Butchers, viandes maturées The Butchers, Philip GASKIEWICZ The Butchers, viandes maturées