A modern restaurant
in the heart of Latin Quarter

The restaurant is a small 4-floor building located in this small street of the Latin Quarter. In the basement, there are the cellar and the smoker, on the ground floor, the meat bar and the kitchen for assembling work, upstairs, the restaurant and under the roof, the kitchen.
In the building, there are spaces to experience different food depending on your appetite, the time of the day or evening, your mood and guests. On the go, you can also stand or sit at the bar for a quick bite, before or after a show at the nearby Théâtre de l’Odéon, between professional meetings and courses at nearby Sorbonne, before pleading at the courthouse. In the restaurant, the meal time can be spread out … till the end of the night.
Regarding the cellar, it is located in the very place where, during the French revolution, Robespierre signed his speech on the organisation of national guards and where the three words of the French Republic motto – Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – were mentioned for the first time. The speech was printed and distributed in mid-December 1790 but was never delivered.


The Butchers, la façade du restaurant The Butchers, le bar The Butchers, le bar à viandes The Butchers, des verres The Butchers, le bar à viandes The Butchers, Philip Gaskiewicz et Laurent Carpentier The Butchers, le restaurant chic The Butchers, le restaurant à l'étage The Butchers, le restaurant, table dressée The Butchers, le fumoir butchers_fumoir2